Income Report Roundup – August 2013

Income Report Roundup – August 2013

One of the most popular posts I publish are my income reports.

So I decided to round up as many income reports as possible and rank them based on earnings to see how I stack up against the rest.

If you publish an income report on your blog and would like it included in next month’s post then please let me know in the comments!

Here we go-

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#1) – $14,867.00 (+$4,947.00)

For the third month in a row Dave & Vicky hold onto the top spot with their best performance yet!

We crossed paths in Prague at the start of the month but more on that in the next income report!

Great work on shattering the elusive $10k barrier!

#2) – $7,206.00 (+$1,641.00)

Matt had a a huge boost last month and has continued the trend with further growth this month!

He unexpectedly had a bunch of time to play with this month – what did he do with that time?

He built a HTML5 game in less than 48 hours which made him $2,000 in a week! Zing.

#3) – $7,084.85 (-$1,588.77)

After a $1,579 increase last month the food blog posts a near equal drop this month.

It was however the biggest month in terms of income at $11,121 but it was also the biggest month of expenses at $4,037.

Looks like Bjork & Lindsay have got a new product up their sleeves though ^^

#4) – $6,688.12 (-$2,678.07)

I’m still chasing down that $10,000 target, the only problem is every time I get close I slack off a little ^^

This is the start of a continued trend of slacking off in August as I refresh myself to drive forward.

We all got to take a break some time right =D Next months income report will be very interesting indeed…

#5) – $6,150.00 (-$2,737.00)

Tom’s earnings have been consistently high for months but they take a decent hit this month!

I think we can let Tom off though seeing as he took sometime to enjoy himself in Turkey!

Nice to see that time off has allowed him to reflect on the direction of his business – good luck sir!

#6) – $2,649.41 (+$551.28)

Quinton manages to push a nice increase on profits this month but still remains locked in at the number 6 spot!

He did however have some success with his latest niche site – I’m sure the follow up post will be tight!

If you really want to boost your productivity though – check this out.

#7) – $2,078.42 (+$510.69)

Deby has managed to change her fortunes this month increasing profits after last months loss.

Not only that but this was a record month for her breaking the $2k barrier for the first time – congratulations!

Nice to see a very diverse set of income streams driving that total figure.

#8) – $1,986.60 (+$636.54)

Autumn is another blogger that managed to change her fortunes this month!

Working less and taking a break has encouraged Autumn to explore new ways to drive passive income.

Who can blame her? Who wouldn’t want free money without any regular work!

#9) – $1,842.00 New Entry

Charles Floate publishes his first income report after much nagging!

He has driven the blog forward on a number of fronts and is planting valuable seeds.

That and he is pretty good at pissing the right people off ^^

#10) – $1,444.00 (+$541.00)

Vicky’s income report is contained within the ACoupleTravelers report and see’s a boost this month.

The increase was mostly due to some new direct advertising deals on the blog.

Great work on growing that blogging partnership – can you continue the trend next month?

#11) – $813.73 (+$118.29)

This blog was formally known as and has undergone a name & domain change this month.

Dean is currently in a transitional period between the 2 domains!

Changing domain is always a high risk move so I hope all goes well – let me know if your SEO takes a hit!

#12) – $730.00 (+$410.00)

Another newcomer to the income report round up Ansh has shown steady growth!

He published a bunch of posts and guest posts on the blog this month along with upgrading the site.

Let’s see you continue the growth trend next month!

#13) – $575.62 (-$505.16)

Tung has done a great job with his blog over the past few months so it is a shame to see him post a loss like this.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as he was able to recover his penalised niche site that was driving the income.

Things are looking up for next month!

#14) – $441.76 (-$98.28)

Eric is still having a tough time restoring his earnings to their former glory this month.

He has had a lot of distractions in his personal life which hasn’t allowed time for him to push forward online.

So although he posted a minor loss – he hasn’t really had to do any work to earn this month!

In Summary

Well you have got to give it to Dave & Vicky for not only holding onto the top spot – but for shattering the $10k barrier.

I was hoping to beat them to it but you can’t win them all hey =D

On the flip side some of the top blogs posted pretty big loses this month with PinchOfYum, and myself posting a combined total decrease of -$7,003.84!

Last month the bloggers earnt a combined total of $54,159.68 – which has slightly increased to $54,557.16 this month.

Although this months round-up features 2 blogs less than last month.

Maybe next month we will break the collective $60,000 barrier – can’t let Dave & Vicky do all the hard work right?

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